About us

Navitas Capital invests an asset built through entrepreneurship, perseverance and vision. These three things have proven to be critical to success and are reflected in Navitas' philosophy.

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Working together for the long term

The cooperation that Navitas Capital pursues with partners is characterized by maximum freedom of movement for the entrepreneurs within clear agreements. The participation aims to stimulate entrepreneurship, so that the company can grow for the long term. 

Steady course

Navitas, together with the international retail chain Zeeman TextileSupers and the real estate investment company Green Real Estate, is part of the Verenigde Ondernemingen Zeeman (V.o.Zee). 

The common philosophy of 'Entrepreneurship for the long term' runs as a common thread through the group. Continuity, reliability and reputation are the building blocks. By always deploying capital in combination with knowledge and network, money becomes a tool. A means to an end, not an end in itself. This philosophy is clearly reflected in both the companies and the extensive network that has been built up over the years.